Sheppard Rural Cattle help desk

How will the auction work ?

We run live cattle auctions for cattle drawn from the Dawson, Callide and adjoining valleys - part of the great cattle region of Central Queensland.

The auctions are held in the Biloela hotel and you are welcome to attend and bid. When you arrive you can register at the desk and receive a bidder number. You can then bid just like a traditional auction. 

Please note:  bidding will be $ per head, cents per kg shown on this web site is a guide only.

John Sheppard will be your auctioneer.

For each lot a TV screen will show you a video of the cattle. A second tv screen will show the bids as they are taken. All the cattle are 'on farm' and available for pickup after the auction subject to the terms and conditions of the sale.

If you cannot get to the Biloela hotel then you can bid online during the auction. You will see a video of the cattle for each lot and hear John calling the bids. A full assessment report is available online for each lot. Before the live auction starts there is a period of pre-auction bidding. Here you can bid on the cattle with the highest bid being the starting bid at the live auction. During the pre-auction you can enter a maximum bid. During the live auction the system will be on your behalf. The system will bid according to the increment set by John during the auction, it will not go straight to your maximum bid. Of course John is not aware of your maximum bid.

How do I register for online bidding?

Just register your details here You can use the bidder number issued on all of Sheppard Rural's cattle auctions. You can also use the same bidder number at all

How do I bid ?
You must first register. Once you have registered, you will receive by email a bidder number; to bid you must login with your bidder number and your password.  

Before the live auction starts at 10.00am on Monday you can place a pre-auction bid.   This bidding is just the same as a timed online auction and the highest bidder becomes the opening bid at the live auction.  During the pre-auction phase you can enter a maximum bid.   During the live auction the system will bid on your behalf up to your maximum bid.   
Please note during the live auction if a floor bidder bids that same as your maximum bid the auctioneer may take that bid in preference to yours.

What happens when the pre-bidding closes?

If you are watching the pre-auction bidding right up to the moment the live auction starts you will see all lots with the message 'lot closed'.    Please then return to the Home page.   You will see a button:   Login to simulcast from 10.00am.  Click the button and login.

What is Maximum Bid ?
 You can enter the maximum amount you are prepared to pay for the lot (exc GST). The system will automatically bid on your behalf until your maximum is reached. You have to set you maximum bid before the live auction starts.

Sheppard Rural does not have access to your maximum bids.  Please contact Bidsonline 1300 2437 88 if you have any questions regarding your maximum bid.

Do the items have reserves ?
All lots have reserves unless otherwise stated.

What happens if I am the winning bidder ?

You will receive a tax invoice from Sheppard Rural for the cattle you have won at auction.  Invoices are to be paid within 2 days of the auction prior to cattle being collected.

Does my bid include GST ?
 No, all bids are GST exclusive

Are there fees and charges ?
There are no administration charges or buyers premium.

Can I withdraw a bid ?
No, you cannot withdraw a bid. Please be careful when entering a bid as you are entering into an agreement to buy the lot if your bid is the .