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1. This auction will be conducted on 2 platforms over 4 days, with the online auction running for 3 days and the live auction concluding the bidding on day 4.

2. The online platform will allow purchasers to bid, set maximum bids & follow their progress

3. Maximum bids are completely confidential and held only by the auction site. Sheppard Rural has no access to this information.

4. The auction site will be continually updated with lots as assessments are carried out so that purchasers can view lots on offer prior to bidding commencing.

5. New lots can be assessed and added up to the commencement of bidding.

6. Once online bidding commences the catalogue will be closed and no further lots will be accepted.

7. The live auction will begin at 9.00am. The auction will begin with lot 1 and proceed in ascending order.

8. Bidding will be in dollars per head

9. Prior to weighing all cattle will have had a minimum of 12hrs dry curfew. Vendors will be required to sign a Statutory Declaration to this effect.

10. Weight is provided as a guide for buyers in calculating value.

11. There will be a price in cents/kg displayed online, provided for use as a guide. This will be calculated from the average curfewed weight when assessed and the current highest bid in $/head.

12. Cattle are returned to paddock after assessment and will remain there until delivery date

13. Purchasers are responsible for all NLIS transfers unless prior arrangements have been made

14. Payment must be received prior to cattle departing the vendors property

15. Purchasers have 24hrs after delivery to notify of any discrepancies or issues. Contact John Sheppard 0488743772

16. Livestock auctions will be separate from our existing general auctions, and all of our existing clients will need a new Sheppard Rural Livestock login ID.

17. All are welcome to come to Biloela Hotel at 60 Callide Street in Biloela to view the live auction.

APLA Livestock Terms and Conditions